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With all the talk about boosting iron, fiber, calcium, and Vitamin C, the benefits of Vitamin D are often overlooked these days. Perhaps this is because many people drink Vitamin D-fortified milk and spend enough time in the sun to hit their minimum nutrient requirements. But Vitamin D is nevertheless an incredibly beneficial supplement – one that can be useful in doses beyond its Institute of Medicine requirements. Unless you live in a climate that gets year-round sun or consume large amounts of dairy products, there’s a good chance that you benefit from getting more Vitamin D.
Why is Vitamin D so important? Here are a few of the main reasons:
-Preventative against MS. Multiple sclerosis a serious inflammatory disease that has no known cure. You can, however, decrease its chances of onset by insuring high levels of Vitamin D in your diet. If you are in a vulnerable demographic for getting MS (young, female, and with a family history) you may want to boost your Vitamin D intake.
-Fortify your bone health. We all know that calcium is required to build and maintain strong bones. But many of us are not aware that most calcium we ingest will not get absorbed – that is, unless we have a supplement such as Vitamin D to facilitate the absorption. Investing in your bone strength can translate into a lifetime of better health, therefore making Vitamin D a crucial complement to any calcium you consume.
-Immune protection. While the research is still murky on this front, experts believe that Vitamin D plays an important role in boosting your immune system and helping to fight against a variety of diseases. Studies have shown that Vitamin D positively factors into influenza, tuberculosis, and even HIV prevention. It is believed, in fact, that high rates of flu contraction during the winter are a reflection of lower Vitamin D levels in the average person’s body.
While there are a variety of Vitamin D supplements out there that have been tested by reputable companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences Inc, there is truly no substitution for a diet that naturally contains Vitamin D in high levels. Foods naturally high in Vitamin D include many fish types, eggs, cheeses, and other dairy products. If you’re looking for a new way to make your body healthier – both short and long-term – you may want to eat some more fish and start monitoring your Vitamin D intake more closely.


PostHeaderIcon Learn the Truth About Homeopathic HCG Drops

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